QR Codes

Using QR Codes to Enhance Customer Experience

QR Codes Have Been Around Since The Nineties, But The Market’s Appetite For Them Has Grown Exponentially In The Wake Of The Coronavirus Pandemic. Besides Being A Contactless And Socially Distanced Solution For Small Businesses Like Restaurants, QR Codes Offer Numerous Benefits.

QR Codes Help Drive Traffic To Landing Pages, Increase Customer Engagement, And Make It Easy To Access And Share Vital Information. Simply Put, QR Codes Provide Instant Interaction Between Businesses And Customers. And In This Day And Age, You Can’t Put A Price On Customer Interaction.

What Is A QR Code?

Of Course, Before We Dive Into How You Can Use QR Codes To Improve Your Business, It’s Important To Understand Exactly What They Are. Short For “Quick Response,” QR Is A Special Type Of Machine-Readable Code Consisting Of An Array Of Black And White Squares. Think Of It Like A Smarter Version Of The Ubiquitous Barcodes You See At Any Grocery Or Retail Store.

QR Codes Are Versatile And Can Store A Wide Variety Of Information, Making Them Ideal For A Number Of Applications. Today, QR Codes Are Most Commonly Used As A Means To Display Website Urls. You Access The Information By Scanning The Code With Your Smartphone’s Camera.

Why Are QR Codes Important?

QR Codes Have Emerged As An Ideal Solution For Many Pandemic-Related Issues:

Safety: QR Codes Enable Businesses To Provide Their Customers With Information Safely And While Maintaining Social Distance

Streamline Customer Experience: Customers Can Go Straight To A Home Page Or View A Menu Without Having To Speak To A Staff Member Or Ask For Support. QR Codes Also Offer Self-Service And Contactless Payment Options.

Customer Direction: QR Codes Enable You To Drive Traffic To A Specific Part Of Your Website Without Forcing The Customer To Jump Through Hoops To Get There.

Increase Engagement: QR Codes Promote Engagement With Your Customers. When Clients Scan A QR Code,

What Can QR Codes Be Used For?

Restaurants And Other Businesses Have Begun Implementing QR Codes In Transformative Ways. With A QR Code, You Can Link To Your Website Homepage Or An Ordering Site, Giving Customers Easy Access To Whatever Information They May Need. Since They’re So Simple To Set Up, QR Codes Can Even Be Used To Hold Discounts And Vouchers.

Perhaps The Most Important Use For QR Codes, However, Has Been As A Means Of Providing Contactless Access To Restaurant Menus. Printing Out Copies Of The Code And Distributing Them On Table Tents Or Via Similar Means Makes It Easy For Guests To Access Your Menu Digitally. Besides Eliminating The Need To Constantly Sanitize Hard Copies Of Your Menu, A Digital Menu Is Much Easier To Update With Specials Or Price Changes.

How To Create A QR Code

As We’ve Mentioned, QR Codes Are Quite User-Friendly And Can Be Set Up In A Matter Of Minutes. In Fact, We Can Sum Up The Entire Process In Three Simple Steps:

Step 1: Choose The Online Destination You Want To Link To

Step 2: Copy The URL Link

Step 3: Paste The Link Into A QR Code Generator (Our Favorite Is Qrcode Monkey)

How QR Codes Can Help Your Customers

QR Codes Make It Easy For Customers To Access Your Menu, But That’s Far From The Only Benefit. They Can Also Direct Your Guests To Pages Where They Can Order And Pay. Since QR Codes Can Lead To Any Website You Want, Their Capabilities Are Limited Only By What You Can Accomplish With A Website. Whether You Want To Give Your Customers Safe And Easy Access To Menus Or Provide Clients With Critical Business Information, There’s No Limit To The Ways In Which QR Codes Can Benefit Your Business.

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