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Fisherman’s Website Essentials Checklist

Planning for a high-quality website doesn’t need to be complicated, but it often feels like planning for a 5-course meal. That’s why Fisherman has put together this website essentials checklist to help you stay organized and help your website look great. Just gather the basics that we’ve listed below (most of which you may already have) and make sure the content is living on a well-built website with SEO best practices.

As the checklist suggests, these items are essential because consumers are increasingly making decisions about where and what to purchase online. 80% of online orders come through restaurant websites, making it critical that you have up-to-date information on your website that persuades customers to order from you! The essentials below will ensure that the consumer has the info that they need to make this decision.

Website Essentials Checklist

  • Logo: This is a great way to express what makes your brand unique. Your logo doesn’t have to be complicated, even a name based logo in a branded font can make a big difference.
  • Hours of Operation: This is self-explanatory, but consumers need to easily be able to tell when you’re open and what days of the week.
  • Menu: Before ordering or deciding to visit your business in person, consumers like to browse your menu to see if you’re selling what they want. Having an updated menu with name, price, and description will help them make an informed decision.

Pro tip: We recommend having a button that triggers the online ordering experience from your menu since that’s the best place to capture their attention.

  • Photos: Consumers eat with their eyes and they want to know the ambiance of a restaurant before they order. High quality photos of your business, your top selling menu items, and some happy customers or your staff to add personality!

Pro tip: Check out our blog for tips and tricks on how to capture great photos

  • About Description: Tell consumers your story! Consumers want to feel connected to the brands they purchase from and the best way to do this is to share your story and personality with them. It doesn’t have to be long, just a short and sweet about description on your homepage.
  • Contact Information: Your consumers have questions, so we already recommend having a way to answer those questions or get in touch with your business. You can provide a contact form, email, or phone number for them to reach out.

Pro tip: considering creating some contact page content about catering, if you’re hiring or ways customers can be more involved.

  • Online Ordering: Online ordering is on the rise, so it’s a great idea to give your consumers a way to order directly from your website! There are lots of great platforms you can use for online ordering that connect seamlessly to your website.
  • Social Media Links: You want to start building a relationship with your customers so that they return. Linking to your social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Yelp is a great place to start.

While we created this checklist to make website planning easy, we can also do it for you! Fisherman can build you a website in less than 24 hours that already comes with everything on this list. Amazing right?  We’ll scour the web for the info and put what we can find on a high-quality website for free. Just submit a request and we’ll send you your new website.

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