The Secret Recipe to Website Success

Now that we’ve met, you may be wondering how we deliver beautiful websites in less than 5 minutes? While it’s one of the best kept family secrets, we decided to give you all a peek inside the kitchen. 

Our Ingredients: The key to any great recipe is starting with the right ingredients. At Fisherman we work with three main ingredients to build a powerful website experience, they include: 

- Our Tools

- Our Technology

- Our Team 

To start all we need is your business’s name and address. If you have a logo, menu or images that’s a bonus, but not necessary for getting started.  After we’ve gathered some basic information we bring in the head chef, our FAST machine.

FAST stands for Fisherman Automated Site Technology, and it’s the core piece of technology that allows us to build and manage great websites so quickly. 

There is a lot of automation built into the system that looks for information about your business online, helps create new content, designs, and develops your website - all in a matter of minutes. 

Our Secret Sauce: Our tools, technology, and team work behind the scenes to collect as much information as we can to get your restaurant website ready to publish, with no effort from you. When we are done creating your website, we always give you a taste test before going live. 

You can always preview your site for free and talk to a Fisherman representative about any changes you want to be made. If you love how it looks, you simply click “publish”, choose a free domain, select a package, and voila! Your website is ready for customers.

After building thousands of restaurant websites, we have a strong sense of best practices to get new and repeat customers to your business. These inform a lot of the design decisions we make for your website, creating a user experience that will help your business.

Want to make changes once it’s live? You can always make updates hassle free. Just shoot us a text or email and we’ll do it for you or you can do it yourself with our extremely easy to use dashboard. Our tools are designed to empower your business, allowing you to make changes on the go and in a matter of minutes. 

Finishing Touch: So now you have a website, but how can you know if it’s reaching your customers? The Fisherman team doesn’t just cook up something great, we get it in front of loyal customers as well. 

- Mobile Optimized: Your website is automatically mobile optimized since over ⅔ of site traffic will come from mobile devices.

- Highly Secure: Your website will come with an SSL certificate and firewall, protecting your and your customer’s data.

- SEO Best Practices: Your website will have a lot of technical best practices baked in that help Google and other search engines rank the website well.

Fisherman cares about substance and style. That’s why we make sure your menu looks great and that other platforms like Google My Business stay up to date on your current offerings. 

Don’t Forget Dessert: The best part of a Fisherman website is that you don’t have to pay anything to try us out. It only takes a couple of minutes to request a website and you get to test it out completely free of charge! 

We exist to help local business owners create a website that will take their storefront online, and we do that by showing them exactly what they will get, in a matter of minutes, for free. No hoops, no hassle, just a sweet treat. See for yourself and get a website today! 

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