A Guide To Pop-Ups And Message Banners

Have a special promotion coming up? Or a new holiday menu? Time-sensitive events or specials can be hard to keep up with on your website. To keep up with and promote temporary information about your restaurant, pop-up modals and message banners are your best friend.  

These are short, eye-catching messages that can be used for holiday hours, promotions, special events, and more! It's important to be clear and concise with the information in your message. You want to quickly inform your customers without overwhelming them. The best part is that they are easy to set up and takedown, so you can always feature your most recent offers.

What are Pop-Ups and Message Banners?

Pop-ups are the rectangular messages that open when you first enter a website on a desktop or mobile. They tend to be a short blurb about signing up for email, upcoming specials, or holiday hours. Banners on the other hand, often sit at the top of a webpage, with eye-catching color and scrolling messaging telling customers information they need to know. 

Both instances are designed to grab your audience’s attention and engage with them. Potential actions from a pop-up or banner could be an email sign-up, pre-ordering a holiday meal, or downloading a coupon for an upcoming special. 

How They Help Your Customers

Pop-ups and banners help draw attention to important changes in your restaurant. For new customers, it gives them a great place to start interacting and for returning customers it gives them a reason to continue checking your website. 

Your customer's introduction to your website and brand is your homepage, but a message or banner can provide them additional reasons to browse your offerings. Other ways pop-ups and banners help include: 

- Direct customers to what you want them to see

- Gives your customers easy access to information 

- Offers valuable content for specials or savings 

- Educates users on holiday hours 

Holidays Hours: Using a pop-up or message banner is the best way to convey your holiday hours to your customers. You are able to set it to only appear throughout a certain time period and can change the popup text as the season goes on. 

The hours section of the website is used to display more permanent restaurant hours. A popup draws attention to the temporary hours without confusing your customers regarding your usual hours. 

How to Set Them Up

Now that you know all about just how convenient pop-u’s and message banners are, exactly how do you set one up? Using Fisherman Dashboard you can follow the steps below:

1. Select the “Business Info” tab on your dashboard 

2. Write a title (this is what will show up as the banner and the title of the popup)

3. Set a start date and end date 

4. Choose a color for the banner 

5. Set a duration -- after how many seconds of someone being on your website do you want the popup to show up?

6. Click save and publish 

It’s really that simple! For more information, you can watch this video or visit the help center dashboard. If you do not see an area to create a message banner/popup please reach out to

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