Is a Facebook Page the same as a Website?

Facebook is a popular platform to look at a restaurant's menu, read reviews and get a general idea of what the physical experience may be. Despite it being a beneficial business platform, it is not a website and it cannot provide the benefits of having your own restaurant website. 

You should absolutely have a Facebook page since it’s free, easy to set up, provides some credibility, and is a simple way to engage directly with customers, but that’s not enough. 

The goal for your online presence isn’t just to provide information, a website should be utilized as a marketing tool to convince people to become YOUR customer.

For users to become loyal customers they first need to find you. For that to happen you need a website domain that you can start building authority and credibility on. In today’s age, consumers don’t trust a brand that doesn’t have its own website. They also generally don’t trust a website that looks outdated, fearing that menus or services may not accurately represent your current offerings. 

Another key difference between a Facebook page and a website is that consumers are searching on Google to find where to eat, not on Facebook. Most of your Facebook followers will be users who are aware of your business whether they have dined with you or not. While it’s great to keep this group engaged and informed, you also need to bring in new customers. 

You need a website so that the 80% of consumers that use Google to find a product or service to purchase can find you. Once they find your website you can offer links to your social media platforms to view and interact with that content.

A website also helps you stand out. Facebook uses the same standard template for every business, there’s no way to showcase your unique brand. Having your own website gives you the flexibility to add and change content and design as your brand evolves, giving customers the confidence that what they see online is what they can expect from your physical location and quality of food. 

Have questions about how to get started with a restaurant website? Contact Fisherman today! We offer clean, mobile-friendly websites that update automatically. Ensuring your website is always looking fresh. It only takes a few minutes to preview what your custom website can look like. 

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