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Blog Posts

7 Ways to Boost Your Small Business Revenue in 2023
Want to know how to attract more customers to your small business in 2023? It's all about being savvy with your online presence. Use these tips and tricks to get started.
How Do I Get More Website Traffic for My Salon in 2023?
If you’re struggling to drive traffic to your salon website, here are some expert tips for growing your online audience.
5 Best Website Hosting Services For Small Businesses in 2023
With so many web hosting services on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down the best options. Here’s our expert take on the best web hosts for small businesses in 2023.
7 Tips For A Customer-Friendly Salon Website
A well-made home page can build your business by showing off your services and attracting new clients. The key to an effective website, however, is making sure it’s easy to use.
Is Instagram Better Than A Website For My Salon?
Many salon owners have Instagram pages instead of dedicated websites, but is this hurting your business? Here are the pros and cons of Instagram for Business.
Is A Salon Facebook Business Page The Same As A Salon Website
Salon Facebook Business Page or website? Which is the best option for you? Many salon owners have Facebook pages in place of a website because, let’s be honest, it’s easier to manage.
The Secret Recipe to Website Success
How does Fisherman deliver beautiful websites in less than 5 minutes? Take a peek inside the kitchen.
How to Take Great Food Photos for your Restaurant
You don’t have to have a fancy camera to take great food photos. The key is to be thoughtful about the dishes, plating, lighting, and angles.
Fisherman’s Website Essentials Checklist
Planning for a high-quality website doesn’t need to be complicated, but it often feels like planning for a 5-course meal. That’s why Fisherman has put together this website essentials checklist to help you stay organized and help your website look great.
A Guide To Pop-Ups And Message Banners
Learn how to use pop-ups and message banners for timely promotions and specials in your restaurant. Easy setup guide included for effective customer engagement.
Using QR Codes to Enhance Customer Experience
QR Codes Have Been Around Since The Nineties, But The Market’s Appetite For Them Has Grown Exponentially In The Wake Of The Coronavirus Pandemic. Besides Being A Contactless And Socially Distanced Solution For Small Businesses...
How To Manage Your Reviews
Reviews are an integral part of digital marketing and sales. To maintain a healthy sales pipeline, you need to understand how reviews help and hurt your business.
Food Trends and Online Ordering in 2022
Grasp the rising trend of online orders in restaurants and see how services like Fisherman can boost your profits and customer satisfaction.
Choosing the Best Website Solution for your Small Business
Creating a new website, or even updating an existing one can be an overwhelming process. Not only are there different platforms to consider but also how you want your website to be built.
How to Get Google on Your Side
Discover the power of Google in driving online customers to your business. Learn how to optimize your website for search engine success.
Is a Facebook Page the same as a Website?
Facebook is a popular platform to look at a restaurant's menu, read reviews and get a general idea of what the physical experience may be. Despite it being a beneficial business platform, it is not a website and it cannot provide the benefits of having your own restaurant website. 
How to Measure Your Website’s ROI
Maximize your website's ROI with consumer usage data and analytics. Set goals, track metrics, and make informed decisions to grow your business.
The Next Generation of FAST Websites
Fisherman: Fast, reliable, and effortless website generation system. Create unique, high-quality websites with ease. Join us on our journey! Get a website.
Intro to Branding: Helping Your Restaurant Stand Out
Unlock the power of branding for your restaurant's online presence. Learn how to create a cohesive brand identity and build a visually appealing website.
Restaurant Success: Harnessing Google Business Profile
Discover the power of Google My Business for restaurants: update information, attract customers, and boost website traffic. Learn more now!
Common Website Terms to Know
Master the language of the online world with this glossary of key website terminology. Empower your restaurant with the understanding needed to improve your online presence.
Revamp Your Restaurant Website: Speak with Our Chef
Fisherman: Your recipe for a fresh online presence. Update your website, format content, and add fresh material. Let us handle menu and web content. Get started now!
What Is A Domain, And Why Does My Small Business Need One?
Having a domain is necessary for any small business. Our experts share some valuable tips on how to set up a domain for your business.
Why ADA Compliance Matters
ADA compliance isn’t limited to brick and mortar locations. In fact, an ADA-compliant website is more important now than ever before.