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Blog Posts

Fisherman’s Website Essentials Checklist
Planning for a high-quality website doesn’t need to be complicated, but it often feels like planning for a 5-course meal. That’s why Fisherman has put together this website essentials checklist to help you stay organized and help your website look great.
Using QR Codes to Enhance Customer Experience
QR Codes Have Been Around Since The Nineties, But The Market’s Appetite For Them Has Grown Exponentially In The Wake Of The Coronavirus Pandemic. Besides Being A Contactless And Socially Distanced Solution For Small Businesses...
What Your About Section Should Be About
Your restaurant has a story, and many of your customers want to know it! These stories are what your website’s “About Section” should be about.
Food Trends and Online Ordering in 2022
Grasp the rising trend of online orders in restaurants and see how services like Fisherman can boost your profits and customer satisfaction.